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Rod Bearing Set, TR250, TR6, Tri-Metal, .020" under size

US $57.00
Product code (SKU):  155
Weight: 1 lbs

I believe these King Tri-Metal bearings to be the best bearings available for our engines.  As with any bearing, it is important that proper clearances are achieved.  The factory had a tolerance range for the bearing housing bore as well as for the crankshaft journal so clearances can vary slightly even when everything is within factory spec.  When having a crank ground for undersize bearings, always insist that the machine shop first bolt the bearings into the rod and measure the inside diameter to determine the correct size for the finished crank journal based on desired clearance.

According to my measurements, the King Tri-Metal bearings have a slightly thinner wall that the AE/Glyco bearings so if your crank is already ground for undersize bearings you may find that the King's will result in slightly greater clearance.  While this is generally desirable in a race engine, depending on the tolerances in the engine, it may result in greater clearance than desired for street use. 

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