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These adjustable jets provide an easy, external means of adjusting the mixture of Stromberg 175CD's without special tools. Makes mixture adjustment possible on fixed needle carbs.

Adjustable jets fit within the heat shields listed below. Dual carb heat shields allow access for adjustment from front and rear. Triple carb heat shields may require a hole for adjustment access to the center and rear carbs

Kit includes adjustable jet for one carb.

US $99.00
US $49.00

Stainless steel shield protects carbs from exhaust heat. Installs between air cleaner and carbs without removing carbs. Fits with Good Parts air box or air filters.

US $69.00

The triple carb set-up uses two folded couplers to join the carb shafts together. It is possible to re-use your original couplers but new ones are strongly recommended. The original couplers are made of fairly thin material and allow some wind-up that effects the synchronization of the carbs. The new couplers are made of thicker material to minimize wind-up.

Price per each. Two required.

US $22.00
US $8.00

This cable has stranded inner wire and the choke symbol on the knob per the pre 1972 spec. It should only be used with chokes with return springs. This cable should pull a little easier than the solid wire one.

US $99.00

Replace your worn or rotted rubber accelerator shaft bushings with Good Parts Nylatron bushings for precise throttle control.  No need to remove the lever from the shaft or remove the shaft from the car.  The bushing and stainless steel lock collar for the driver's side are split so they can be installed with the shaft in place.

US $29.00

This cable has solid inner wire and the word "CHOKE" on the knob per the post 1972 spec. It may be used with chokes with or without return springs.

US $99.00
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